Penn State's premiere 24 hour hackathon!

On April 9th, five-hundred students from across the region will come together for 24 hours of creation, innovation and fun. Anyone is welcome to join, from seasoned coding veterans to first-time hackers from any major or field. Discover how you can create change by developing technology to solve real world problems, get mentored by industry professionals, and enjoy tons of free food, free stuff, and awesome prizes!

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Scott Woods

Scott Woods
West Arete

Emma Roudabush

Emma Roudabush

Justin Merrell

Justin Merrell
Catalyst Space

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and Originality - 10 points
    How different is the design from current solutions? Does it approach the problem from an unusual or different perspective? How creative is the problem statement? Does the solution address a problem which is novel, original and not-obvious?
  • Technical Skills - 5 points
    Was the solution technically challenging? (Taking into account team size and measured relative to competition) How intricate was the solution? Did the solution pose a challenge to the group?
  • Implementation - 15 points
    Was the solution effective in addressing the problem? Was the solution easy to operate for the target demographic? (user friendliness) Is the solution needlessly complex? Overall, is the solution viable in addressing the problem statement?
  • Clarity - 3 points
    Was the team able to convey their ideas in a way understandable to the audience? Were the topics accessible to the audience? Were all obscure acronyms or jargon explained?
  • Organization - 3 points
    Did the presentation follow a logical flow? Was the stricture of the presentation appropriate for the content?
  • Participation - 2 points
    Did all team members participate in the conversation? How were transitions handled? Did the team act as a unit or was contribution mostly individual?
  • Knowledge - 12 points
    How effectively did the team handle questions? Did the team demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter?