1. Students are permitted to come and go from the venue as they please.
  2. All participants must be older than 18, or accompanied by a chaperone at all times.
  3. Participants must abide by the expectations set in the MLH Code of Conduct, or will be asked to leave the event.
  4. All submissions must be recieved by the end of the allotted time (Sunday at 1PM). They must be submitted through the DevPost, as outlined in the "Submission" section.
  5. Teams can be comprised of up to five members.
  6. Projects should be build on site -- do not use a project you have already started! However, using existing libraries and APIs totally fine.
  7. Create anything your heart desires! Have fun and be respectful of others!
  8. Anything you create is YOUR WORK! HackPSU and its partners have no claim over your intellectual property developed at the event.